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What can the iTrace do in my Practice?

  • Optical Alignment
  • Separate Cornea and Lens
  • Toric Planning
  • Post-Op Surprises
Angle Alpha

Optical Alignment

Know if a patient's optic centration will support Multi-Focal Lenses

Cornea vs Lens

Find the source of visual complaints and solve them accordingly
Toric Planner

Toric Planning

Increase precision with better pre-op data and marking error reduction

Post-Op Surprises

Manage post-op toric surprises and solve post-op mysteries

How Can I learn More?

iTrace Intro


To the iTrace Wavefront Aberrometer and Topographer
What is Wavefront

Wavefront Simplicity

What wavefront tells us about a patient's vision complaints
Measuring Principles

Ray Tracing

Learn about the unique technology of the iTrace
Aberration Source

Cornea vs Lens

The importance of determining the source of aberrations

Dysfunctional Lens Index™

Diagnose DLS

With the first objective metric for lens performance
LASIK "Wore Off"

Post-Refractive DLS

Help patients understand that their LASIK hasn't worn off, it's their lens
Toric Precision

Toric Check

Know in 30 sec. without dilation where the TIOL lens is oriented
Toric Precision

Improve Toric Outcomes

Increase the precision with which you plan toric surgery with iTrace
Ease of Use

Using the iTrace

The iTrace is simple to learn and easy to use.

Aberration Source

Premium Lenses

Improve outcomes with premium lens surgery

Angle Alpha

Optical Alignment

Understand the meaning and importance of angle alpha for premium IOLs

Educate your Patients

Patient Education

Using the iTrace's VFA display to educate your patients