What Doctors are Saying

  • "I won't walk into an exam room without looking at my patient's iTrace data."

    Robert Osher, M.D. - Cincinnati, Ohio
  • "I have found that the iTrace is invaluable in the management of toric IOL patients."

    J. Ken Wallace, M.D. - Dothan, Alabama
  • "Because every cataract patient is now a potential 'refractive' patient, we routinely use the iTrace as part of our pre-exam testing."

    David Chang, M.D. - Los Altos, California
  • "Our premium conversion rate is now up to 45-50% of candidates,
    and I am convinced a big factor is my ability to show patients their 'eyes' on the iTrace and tell them accurately what IOL choices they have and what they can achieve with each."

    Alan Shelton, M.D. - Monrovia, California
  • I have had the iTrace with the Dysfunctional Lens Index feature for about four months. My RLE volume is up about 20%, simply because of its ease of use, diagnostic capacity and the patients love the educational component. I have all digital images in each exam room. My volume since I have purchased it has paid for the unit 2-3 times over. It's a no brainer!

    Anthony Kameen, M.D. - Towson, Maryland